​​​“Randy Hobler has written the best memoir of a Peace Corps experience that I have ever read. His amazingly detailed book instantly grips the reader by putting Libya in its properly rich and unique historical perspective. Everyone should read this book, to enjoy its humor as well as its insights. 


 —Niels Marquardt

            Former Ambassador to Equatorial Guinea,     Cameroon, 

                 Madagascar and the Union of the            Comoros

            Peace Corps Volunteer—Zaire and Rwanda




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Dear Reader,


Are you an ex-pat? Did you serve in the military? The foreign service? The Peace Corps? Did you study abroad? Did you participate in The Experiment in International

Living or American Field Service? Did you

spent a semester abroad? Were you a missionary? Are you a serious traveler? Or

do you just love entertaining and enlightening

books about exotic locales? This may well

be the book for you!


Click here for a podcast about Randy's experience in Libya, interviewed by

Tyler Lloyd, Returned Volunteer from Burkina Faso, who has conducted 101

interviews as part of his "My Peace Corps Story" series.


Where else can you kaleidoscopically absorb an entire country through the eyes of 101 people . . .

. . . in an über-memoir of a Woodstock generation of Peace Corps volunteers thrust across the vast sands of Libya? How
else can you immerse yourself in the riveting challenges, triumphs, hilarities and poignancies experienced by this mix of
dedicated English teachers from every corner of America?

101 Arabian Tales is an amazingly detailed chronicle of anecdotes, historical perspectives, fun, adventure and hardship. Hobler’s breezy whimsical style is accessible
and entertaining. The icing on the cake? 220 compelling illustrative photographs.

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